Friday, October 8, 2010

Sharjah Aquarium

Visit this aquarium to experience the hidden wonders of Sharjah's rich marine life!!!!

this is what it is written on the pamphlet given in the aquarium.

It is very good Sight seeing for newcomer, who wants to know about Sharjah.

It is beautiful place for people and kids who like fishes living the Arabian Lagoons.

Place name:- Sharjah Aquarium
Address     :- Al Khan Road, Sharjah, UAE
PH no       :- 06 5285288
Timing      :- Mon - Thu is 8am to 8pm
                   Fri is 4pm to 9pm & Sat is 8am to 9pm
                   Closed on Sunday
Website    :-
Ticket rate:- Adult 20 dhrms
                   Children 10 dhrms, under 3yrs free

Now comes my time!!

  • Don't fall the pictures given in the website.  Fishes are simple except some but settings are nice.
  • It is given pictures should not be taken but we took and nobody objected us, just you should not take photo of the fish near the glass.
  • Guards will follow you everywhere (don't know why). Don't allow them to spoil your fun.
  • It takes not more then 20mins to look around all the fishes
  • Once exited when found it is too small, you can't go back. If you want ur money worth, take time looking at the each fish -colour, shape and how they swam (it wont take more than an hour.
  • There is under water walk where fishes swam above you in glass tank. Take time to watch
  • They say there is a glass bridge but only for a feet only.
  • There is a shop near the exit which are bit costly. we walked fast because i have two kids.
  • I am uploading some photos for you to view

Note- Eatableses are not allowed but no one checks ur bags.
           There is play area are for kids. Go in Early evening, believe me it is best time. You can have a walk near the creek.

Writer:- Monikca
Dated:- 2 0ct 2010

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