Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sharjah Arabian Wildlife Center, Natural History & Botanical Museum

This is best place I visited in Sharjah.  Here you can see animals, plants, fossils and know about Sharjah and world history.

Wording given for this site is ' Join us on a voyage of discovery from before the age of dinosaurs to the present day, and explore the 'world of plants' in the Sharjah Botanical Museum and see the animals live in desert in desert wildlife.

Place name:- Sharjah Arabian Wildlife and Natural History & Botanical Museum
Address     :- , Near Sharjah International Airport - interchange no -8 ,Sharjah, UAE
PH no       :- +971 (0)6 5311212, 06 5311411
Timing      :- Sun - Thu is 9am to 5.30pm
                   Fri is 2pm to 5.30pm & Sat is 11am to 5.30pm
                   Closed on Tuesday
Ticket rate:- Adult 15 dhrms
                   Children 10 dhrms, under 5yrs free
  •  You are not allowed to take photo in the Wildlife center. You have to handover your camera in the entrance
  • Even the cactus here you can find in many variates. I admired each and every plant.
  • Inside you can see different types of snakes like cobras, mambas, vipers, Boa and sand snakes.
  • Than comes reptiles like anteaters, frogs, lizards and chameleons..
  • Than small sea fishes
  • There is a setting which looks like green forest with fishes, plants and turtles
  • Than different types of beetles. There is even section where scorpions tanks are kept but there is no scorpions inside.
  • Than different types of Rats from big Rats to small white Rats.
  • Beautifully setted environment for Birds with dove, Tailor bird, Flamingo, Bats and Eagle, Owl etc
  • When we finish seeing them there is a very beautiful cafe with viewing deers. Its really very beautiful and with reasonable rates too.
  • Than comes Cheetahs, Leopards, Hyenas, Wolf, Baboons (monkey), Fox and Cats

It has very large parking place, so no problem for parking and it covers large areas too.

this the way to go out.
  • Here you can see musical instruments origin, crops grown here in UAE, medicinal plants and you an even see how the earth came into being. Inside you can see Plants grown from fossils found here and small museum is donated for skeletons and Marian fishes.

  • Here they have kept different seeds for us to smell and find its real fun.
  • In Plants and Seeds section you an see How the seeds travel from one place to another and all.
  • There are many Screens kept here, they help you to understand everything kept in that section. This is best part ,if you have Kids they enjoy in here.
  • Next is Botanical section, Here they have created the long lost plants from their fossils and protected them. here you can see plants which where thousands and thousands of years ago.
  • You can take photo here.
  • Next is Marine and fossils and skeleton of dinosaurs are kept. Here they have kept interactive screen for you to understand the different types of fishes present in the water  around UAE.
  • Light is very dime here, to give scary effect, so you cant photo until you have very good flash.

  • This is one such screen kept here see below picture. thy give you 3d sound effect .its really nice. Take time and watch them fully.
  • Below you can see the outside view, they are going to start a deer safari but that is not yet open. In the far end they have kept small pigeons breeding area its nice to them if you are ready to walk.
  • Its the Butterfly collection . Yon can different varieties of butterfly from small to big. I took photo of all.

Children Farm, it is last stop. here they have kept all farm animals present in this country like ducks, gooses, turkey, quails, hens and goats, camels, cow, donkey, sheep, horses.  In morning time if you go you are allowed to feed them

  • Here there is even camel and Horse ride for 15dhrs each. Some days they have only one ride and it is not for children under 3 yrs.
     This is best place for family outing, picnics (here is even place in front of botanical museum for playing and seats are all so there for picnics.
    The entry fee is worth for this places there is so much to see and very informative too.
    This places very big so it may take more than 4 yrs to cover up everything.
My children and myself had a gay time here. My best place was botanical section, I just loved the smell of it.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Writer:- Monikca
Dated:- 14 mar 2011

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